Video Learning Center

Mill Bergen Pools invites you to watch these short videos, where Bob himself walks you through some of our best projects. We specialize in pool and spa design and construction for basements and rooftops. Our hand built projects are sure to last a lifetime and bring fun and relaxation to all who use them. Click on the videos below to see just a small sampling of craftsmanship from Mill Bergen, and get some inspiration for your own pool building project.

Manhattan Unique Pool Project by Mill Bergen Pools

Mill Bergen Unique Pool Before and After

Custom Pool in Manhattan’s East Side by Mill Bergen

Spa on Upper East Side NYC by Mill Bergen

Pool & Spa in Brooklyn Condo Building

The Importance of Keeping Pool Water in Balance

The Benefits of Using a BioGuard® Pool Care System

The BioGuard Pool Dealer Difference 1

The Essential GUIDE to Designing a POOl and SPA in New York


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