Indoor Pools

Swimming all year round does not have to be a luxury only for the West Coasters! Indoor swimming pools and spas, while still considered a fancy feature in the home, are truly gaining popularity in mainstream American homes. At Mill Bergen Pools, hard-to-reach places and unique installations are our specialties. The luxury of having your own private indoor oasis is like no other. Let us help you guide the way!

Make swimming part of your daily routine no matter what the weather may bring. You no longer have to brace yourself for the cold winter months or prep your home for unforgiving weather for months at a time! Indoor pools create a magical setting, allowing you to escape the mundane rush of your life while transporting you into a surreal alternate world, away from your busy urban life.

With many customizable features such as swim streams, which create a current you swim against, electric safety covers, water features, and proper humidification systems, you can create your own indoor retreat that fits you and your family perfectly. If the home is new construction, working with us and your architect as early on in the project is the best way to plan for a beautiful indoor pool. Customization is endless as you are in control of the design of the room! Light fixtures and optional LED lights inside the pool can transform the room from entertainment to a soothing, comforting spa-like environment for you to workout in style.

Looking for something different? The professionals at Mill Bergen Pools design custom indoor/outdoor living at your fingertips. Any outdoor space can be converted with large transparent roofs, bringing in natural ventilation and light during the daytime. It can also create a unique ambiance that closely represents a glass house with controlled indoor temperature for the perfect dip with a beautiful view!